Two days Seminar Program @ Yarmouk University, Jordan

Attitude to Exhibit
a journey into the user experience, Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology in Irbid

It may happen that every year, the city becomes the theatre of knowledge in terms of Culture, History, Archeology, Anthropology offering to the world and to the public - anybody, citizen and tourist - the new ancient pieces and research result, through a new content communication and exhibition ...
Workshop in Messico 07/10/2013
Mostra @ Triennale 06/10/2013
Naba summer school 12/07/2013
Oggetti / Rivisti 30/04/2013
Workshop in Messico 19/10/2012
Conferenza Apam 03/09/2011
Co-Design 06/07/2011
I colori di Milano 29/03/2011